Minale Maeda

Founded in 2006 by kuniko maeda (Tokyo, Japan) and Mario Minale (Naples, Italy) in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, after Maeda, graduated in science of design at Musashino art university in Tokyo while Minale, grown up in Germany, graduated in industrial design at the university of Wuppertal, Germany. Both studied at the design academy Eindhoven and were awarded master degrees. Despite far apart origins, they discovered a like-minded view on design, their broad cultural background grants them a wide perspective on material culture. They chose to remain in the Netherlands for it being a fertile common ground.

They work between usable products and artistic statements as they see design founded in Utilitarian needs but also an espression of culture. They are instrested in the effects of consumerism and the improvement of life quality, the possibilities between mass-production and the cultivated skill of the craftsman. They see the contemporary challenge of the information society to embrace the immaterial and find realism in the artificial.


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